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Camberwell Family Upper Storey Extension

  • Camberwell Family Upper Storey Extension


The K family live in a pocket of Camberwell which is well populated with Capital Building extensions.

After noticing some of our upper extension works going on around them the K’s decided to give Capital Building a call.

The Capital Design team was briefed to provide an upper extension with four bedrooms and a bathroom for a growing family.

At ground level, a redesigned kitchen/meals, living, large rear deck, laundry area and fully renewed bathrooms resulted in a complete renovation.

There are two schools of thought with new extension designs. 
Match new works in the existing period/style or add a contemporary or different style in juxtaposition to the existing.  Either solution works and finally rests with the owners’ sense of style.

Like many clients with period style homes, the K’s wanted their extension to blend in with their existing Edwardian-bungalow style home. 
 After speaking with a number of builders the K’s chose Capital Building over other builders, for our design skills, attentive service and value for money.

As the photos show, Capital Buildings design and construction team replicated original Bungalow gable features, cedar shingles, shelves, brackets, cover straps and double hung windows and applied them to the new upper extension facade. 
The articulation of the design and stepped gables nestle the upper storey extension sympathetically into the upper storey roof as if it might have been built so, originally.

The K’s were keen to create large open living spaces, with the look and feel of a new home, with all the modern amenities yet also cosmetically keeping with the Bungalow style.

The work duration was approx. 6 months.  The owners choose to complete painting, floor coverings, heating and cooling themselves.

If you are looking to transform your home with an upper storey extension ring Capital building for a free onsite appraisal.
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