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Design Your Own Home

Capital Building has over 20 years of experience in designing dream homes initiated by clients’ ideas and imagination. These house designs may include home extensions, home renovations or custom designed new home.

If you are looking to design your dream home but don’t know where to start or are overwhelmed by the complexity of designing an extension or renovation, then we can help. Our extensive experience as quality home builders means that we can easily and smoothly guide and help you determine what you require, turning imagination into reality.

Home Design Ideas

We can help you understand what home extension or home renovation is best suited to your needs. We can offer advice with your shopping list which may contain things like:

  • The number of rooms you need
  • The type of rooms you want
  • The position of rooms
  • The size of rooms
  • What new fittings are required
  • Interior décor
  • Appropriate materials
    Colour schemes

You can imagine the complexity of designing an extension or renovation. Capital Building makes this part easy for you by helping you determine your wants and needs while keeping your budget on track.

Home Design Brief

  • Ensuring your home is shaped by its environment
    Efficient use of building materials
  • Visual harmony – all building is in harmony with the rest of your home
  • Honest design
  • Quality at every level
  • Creation of a home to suit your specific needs
  • Ease of construction
  • Efficiencies of time and cost
  • Sustainable design and construction

The home design brief incorporates the Design Principles (the basic ideas about the practice of good design). These are vital to ensure that Capital Building designs and builds your home extension or home renovation to the highest standard.

What else do we consider in the design brief?

  • How many rooms you need
  • What type of rooms you need
  • Where will they be positioned
  • Size of rooms
  • New fittings required
  • Interior décor
  • Materials to use
  • Colour schemes

Our Credentials

Building an extension or renovating is one of the biggest purchases in our lifetime. Therefore, it is essential that before going ahead with a project you can trust the building company that you choose.

Capital Building has an impressive list of credentials which means that should you choose it, you will be using a trusted, experienced, honest and safe building operator.

Registered Building Practitioner

Peter Harnischmacher and Travis Vinton, are ‘Registered Building Practitioners’ with the Victorian Building Authority.

Master Builder

Travis is currently a Master Builder member of  Master Builders Australia.

Green Living Master Builder

Capital Building is registered as a Green Living Master Builder Master Builders Association.

Victoria Building Authority

You can check Capital Building’s registration credentials by contacting the Victorian Building Authority. (Tip: search for ‘harnischmacher’ or 'vinton' under the Practitioner Name field)

Public Liability Insurance

Capital Building has Public Liability Insurance up to $5 million. For information about Public Liability Insurance see: Public Liability Insurance

Contract Works Insurance

Capital Building has Contract Works Insurance. For information about Contract Works Insurance see: CoverForce

Our Reviews

suzanne L. ★★★★★ Our project with Capital Building was a demolition of the rear of the house, for a new two-story extension, followed by a reconfiguration and renovation of the existing part of the house. This project lasted almost 12 months and transformed our small and outdated house into a modern, spacious, and well-functioning home.Dean was our building designer, who played a pivotal role in the early stage. Although we had a rough idea of what we wanted to do in the beginning, Dean helped us to test our ideas to the practicality and guided us to alternatives that would work better and more economical to achieve. I see his advice extremely valuable because of not only his knowledge and expertise, but also his easy access to his building team for technical opinions.Dealing with Pierce was smooth and easy. He took care of the contract, responded to all our queries clearly and promptly, and made amendments to our satisfaction before contract signing.Next up is the building process. We were glad that we did not experience anything like a quiet and empty building site. We always had trades working consistently. The build quality was satisfactory. Even though I didn’t have a lot experience in building as this was my first major project, I did find their choice of building materials and selection of trades were in good quality.Travis was the director of the company but amazingly he was all over the details. We had many unexpected challenges throughout the build, however, he showed us a lot of passion and his can-do attitude was the most impressive. He made it happen to build a S-shaped handrail for our staircase while the stair company did not even want to touch it. He was a very good communicator and a great listener. I appreciated that he always put himself in our shoes in solving problems. Tom was our site supervisor. He too was a good communicator to keep us informed about the progress, to share his knowledge and to hear our concerns. Overall, I found Travis and Tom were very professional, responsive, and easy to talk to.There are a few other people I would like to mention: Carole, who helped selecting colours and bathrooms. We were so happy with the beautiful results; Tiffanie, who was over almost everything else on managing meetings, documentations, liaising with the team for any inquiries, and following up anything outstanding; and individual trades, from carpenters and tilers to plumbers and cleaners, who showed their care and respect.Conclusion: Capital Building is a mature and professional team that has great skills and customer services. I feel the people there being honest and considerate. I would highly recommend them and would certainly consider them again in the future.Response from the ownerHi Suzanne, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice and detailed review. You were a pleasure to work with and we really hope you are enjoying your new space. All the best, CBC Team. michael B. ★★★★★ I recently had capital building do a second story extension , I had no idea what i was getting myself into, my first point of contact was with Pierce, he assured me not worry the whole process was a breeze with Tom,Laura and Tiffany.and Travis and the crew Dylan,Jarrod and the rest of the boys did an exceptional job, it was all done and completed way ahead of schulude.The professionalism and workmanship was above and beyond ! I highly recommend Capital building,Response from the ownerThank you so much for your kind words, Michael. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and we are so happy you enjoyed your experience with us. We wish you all the very best and hope you enjoy your new space.Thanks again, CBC Team Madhu R ★★★★★ We engaged Capital building contractors after going through an arduous taks of wishlist/quote/review with ~20 extension specialists across Melbourne.From the get go, Ali,Travis and team were professionals in listening to our needs and wants, driving it against the stringent budget we had and designing the best extension space we could have asked for.Our approval process took about 12 months and the team kept us in loop throughout and helped update whatever changes wer asked for in quicker time.The build was a breeze!!! Kyle and the guys stood up an entire second floor in no time and helped us add ~60 sqm space in 4.5 months ( Christmas shutdown included).It's been 6 months since we have had our newly extended space and we cannot thank Ali,Travis,Kyle,Pierce and Tiff ( a very special shout-out for those regular updates and all changes incorporated without a fault) enough !!More space ✅Quality ✅Budget ✅Ease of engagement ✅Work ethics including all the sub contractors who came to site and worked through ✅ ✅Equity on property ✅Response from the ownerThank you so much Maddy. You were both such a pleasure to work with, we are so happy you enjoyed your experience with us and are loving the final result.All the best, CBC Team js_loader
House design plays a crucial role in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable living spaces. They determine the layout, flow, and overall look of a house, ensuring that it meets the needs and preferences of the occupants.

Capital Building offer a wide range of house design solutions that are fully custom and completely tailored to your property, requirements and preferences. We have experience with traditional, heritage and modern designs.

Yes, Capital Building specialise in creating custom house designs. Our team of designers will work closely with you to understand your vision, lifestyle, and preferences, and create a unique design that reflects your individuality.

Several factors should be considered in house designs, such as the size and shape of the property, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms required, the desired layout and flow, energy efficiency, accessibility, and compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Yes, Capital Building can incorporate sustainable and energy-efficient features into house designs. These may include solar panels , proper insulation, vapour barriers, energy-efficient appliances, high performance windows and doors , and water-saving fixtures to reduce environmental impact and utility costs.

The duration of the house design process depends on the complexity of the project and the level of customisation required. However, It usually takes 3-4 months to finalise the design, excluding any required applications with local authorities

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