Period Home Renovations

When it comes to period home renovations, it’s essential to work with a reputable and experienced building contractor who understands the unique requirements of these kinds of homes. At Capital Building Contractors, we have years of experience in period home renovations and extensions, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and commitment to preserving the original character of your home.

Our team of experts will collaborate with you to develop a renovation plan that meets your needs and budget while preserving the original character and charm of your home. We’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure that your period home renovation and extension is a success – from design to construction and everything in between… we can even take care of building and council permits!

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Choosing the Right Building Contractor for Your Period Home Renovation and Extension

When it comes to period home renovations and extensions, hiring the right building contractor is critical. Working with someone who understands the unique needs of these types of homes and has experience working with heritage-listed properties is essential. We have a team of expert designers and tradespeople at Capital Building Contractors who are experienced with period home renovations and extensions. We take the time to understand your needs and vision for your home, and we collaborate closely with you to ensure the success of your renovation and extension project.

Adding Value to Your Period Home with Extensions

Period home extensions are an excellent way to increase living space while preserving the original character and features of your home. You can add a larger kitchen, additional bathrooms, or bedrooms to your home with a period home extension, giving it new life and increasing its value. An extension that is well-designed and executed can improve the flow and functionality of your home, making it more comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

Capital Building takes a holistic approach to all its home renovation projects, from initial design, the renovation build and finally the hand-over of the home improvement. 

The Process

The benefit of engaging with a designer-builder on the outset is that they can work to a budget.  Often, people get plans from a drafting company or architect and then get a big surprise as to how much it all costs.

By doing it all at the same time, you can avoid cost-shock and save time in the engagement (and build) process.

We deliver high quality, exceptional work, fostering innovation, and quality suppliers & contractors.







Our Credentials

Building an extension or renovating is one of the biggest purchases in our lifetime. Therefore, it is essential that before going ahead with a project you can trust the building company that you choose.

Capital Building has an impressive list of credentials which means that should you choose it, you will be using a trusted, experienced, honest and safe building operator.

Registered Building Practitioner

Peter Harnischmacher and Travis Vinton, are ‘Registered Building Practitioners’ with the Victorian Building Authority.

Master Builder

Travis is currently a Master Builder member of  Master Builders Australia.

Green Living Master Builder

Capital Building is registered as a Green Living Master Builder Master Builders Association.

Victoria Building Authority

You can check Capital Building’s registration credentials by contacting the Victorian Building Authority. (Tip: search for ‘harnischmacher’ or 'vinton' under the Practitioner Name field)

Public Liability Insurance

Capital Building has Public Liability Insurance up to $5 million. For information about Public Liability Insurance see: Public Liability Insurance

Contract Works Insurance

Capital Building has Contract Works Insurance. For information about Contract Works Insurance see: CoverForce

Our Reviews

Pranita C.
We are delighted that we chose Capital for our extension project. Pierce, who was the first point of contact for us at Capital in the initial phases, was one of the main reasons for us to go with Capital. Pierce was very patient with us and made a lot of effort to understand and translate our requirements. They transformed our 2-bed villa into a 4-bed family house, not only by adding all that extra space but also by enhancing the appearance of our house to a modern, contemporary home. The process took approximately seven months (including Christmas break), which was very quick. We lived in the house while extending and had no trouble. The speed did not compromise the quality. All trades used were experienced and strived for perfection. Capital has a great team of people, well led by Travis. All our interactions with Capital team were professional and I would highly recommend Capital (CB) to anyone wanting to do an extension/transformation of their home.
Response from the owner: Thankyou for the review Pranita. We are thrilled you are enjoying your new extension and it was great working with you also. Best of luck for the future, CBC Team.
Dinesh M.
We had our 3 bedroom single storey 1950s house transformed into a 2 storey 4 bedroom house. When we bought our place it was the best we could afford, and once we outgrew it we tried looking for something bigger but the cost is prohibitive and you'd have to move to the outer suburbs to get something reasonably sized. We approached several builders, and they1. Didn't even bother turning up,2. Demanded a $1000 payment for plans without even looking at the house3. Turned up, looked at us, and basically told us we couldn't afford it.Enter Dean from Capital Building. Over several meetings, he patiently and professionally visited our place, listened to our wants, offered us options, and generally gave us the feeling that we had a way forward. We would like to thank Dean for his enthusiasm and the confidence he gave us to go ahead with this exercise.Once permits were in place, we were handed over to the build team, and again, we were put at ease with their approachability and professionalism.We have never built before, so all this was new to us. The team at Capital was very good at explaining the processes and addressing our concerns. Travis, as the director, is a good operator and very switched on. Laura, our designer, helped us a lot with her input for the materials and components of the build. Tiffany kept us in the loop with constant communication regarding dates and activities.Andrew was the supervisor assigned to our build and was in charge of the team doing the work on our house. We want to thank him for his patience and the way he tried his best to make this process as smooth as possible.Make no mistake, a build of this nature is not a walk in the park. It is significant work and to live through it as we did with our young family can be challenging. However, Capital and their team genuinely did their best to make it as low impact on us as possible and 7 months later we basically have a brand new house. We still can't believe it sometimes.Thank you to the team at Capital. With the housing market being what it is, I think extensions like these are a great affordable option for families who grow out of their homes but want to stay in the suburbs where they've put down roots. Capital's 5 star reviews and growth are no accident. They are good at what they do and great to work with.We wholeheartedly recommend them.
Response from the owner: Fantastic Dinesh, We are really glad you are enjoying the space and your review perfectly sums up our process and what we try to achieve. We agree, extensions are a quick and cost affective way to increase your space. Thanks again CBC Team.
Craig C.
Travis, Kyle and the rest of the Capital Building Team demonstrated professionalism, honesty, punctuality, great communication and experience throughout every stage of our build. They were a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Hi Craig, Fantastic to hear from you! We are glad to hear everything is going well & you had a great experience with us. Thanks again, CBC Team
Answer: A period home refers to a property that was built during a particular historical period and retains many of its original architectural features and design elements.

Renovating a period home allows you to preserve its charm and character while enhancing its functionality and livability. It can increase the property’s value and create a unique living space that combines historical charm with modern comforts.

Common renovations in period homes include restoring original features, such as fireplaces and mouldings, updating electrical and plumbing systems, improving insulation and energy efficiency, and creating open-plan layouts while maintaining the home’s architectural integrity.

Renovations to period homes may require special permits or permissions, especially if the property has special covenants or overlays, such as a heritage overlay. . Capital Building can work with consultants and local authorities on your behalf,  to ensure compliance with regulations.

Yes, Capital Building have experience in preserving and restoring original features in period homes. Our team can carefully assess the existing features, recommend appropriate restoration techniques, and source period-appropriate materials.

Capital Building prioritise maintaining the historical integrity of period homes during renovations. We can conduct research on the architectural style and design of the era, and we use materials, finishes, and craftsmanship that are in line with the home’s original character.

Yes, it is possible to modernise a period home while preserving its historical charm. We can incorporate modern amenities, such as updated kitchens and bathrooms, while carefully integrating them into the existing design to maintain the home’s unique character.

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