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Quality energy-efficient homes in Melbourne

Capital Building has built its reputation on providing quality homes across Melbourne, and we pride ourselves on our ability to design to individual client requirements.

The world is changing, and we understand the growing need for sustainability, which is why we offer no-cost and low cost, energy-efficient design solutions for our clients who want to build new houses or renovate existing properties in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

We are a team of dedicated, passionate and innovative energy-efficient home builders with the knowledge and expertise to help you realise your dream home with all of the latest sustainable innovations.

Our experienced team will work closely with you to design your new house from scratch or adapt an existing floor plan for your needs. Plus, we can refine any plans you may already have had drawn up, to meet your sustainability requirements.

Whether it’s a modest renovation or a complete rebuild, our new home designers can deliver energy-efficient homes that meet all modern living standards while retaining the character of an older property.

Trust the accredited green builders for energy-efficient housing in Melbourne

The government has set new standards for sustainable building, and new technologies and innovations are being rolled out every day. That is why it is essential to enlist the services of sustainability experts for energy-efficient homes in Melbourne.

Capital Building is an accredited Green Living Master Builder, so you can be sure they can help you create a plan for your project that will save money and energy while also improving the value of your home. Capital Building are also a member of Passive House Association, a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in building and facilitating low energy buildings that require low energy inputs to run.

Why should I choose energy-efficient home designs?

Energy efficiency is a significant factor in the cost of living, and energy-efficient homes are not only more comfortable to live with, but they also save you money on your monthly bills. The energy-saving benefits of low-energy houses also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our environment for future generations.

There are now also government regulations to be considered for all new home designs. For example, an essential requirement is to ensure that your new home meets the Australian Government’s National Construction Code (NCC). This code requires all new dwellings built after April 2009 to achieve six-star ratings in both summer and winter conditions.

Creating the most out of the space available

Careful planning on the location and orientation of key spaces in your new Melbourne home can help deliver significant efficiencies. Our team will look to make the most out of existing space before adding new ones, always looking to orientate living areas and indoor-outdoor areas to the north. We will also look to minimise west, east and south-facing windows without compromising ventilation so that you can effectively enjoy free heating during the winter months.

Achieving energy efficiency in your new Melbourne home doesn’t have to break the bank, either. The capital team will help you make the right choices for your energy-efficient housing design so that you get the benefits without breaking the bank. We have helped hundreds of families in Melbourne discover their perfect balance between comfort and cost savings with our unique approach to energy-efficient design.

Here are some of the ways our team of green builders in Melbourne will help you design and construct a sustainable, energy-efficient home without breaking your budget:

The latest innovations in insulation

Insufficient or poorly installed insulation will result in your heating and cooling efforts escaping through your roof, walls, windows and floors. Correct ceiling insulation, as well as microporous building, wraps under tiles and foil blanket under steel roofing ensure the building envelope retains an even temperature, translating into lower heating inputs.


Correct roof designs with a sufficient size cavity are vital. To keep the outside heat away, reflective foil should be installed between the rafters when retrofitting or on top of the rafters when re-roofing.

Flat roof designs are avoided as they are susceptible to leaks and moisture infiltration. Houses with no roof cavity are the hardest to insulate or ventilate effectively, so we will not construct your energy-efficient home using a flat or pitched roof without a cavity.

We also avoid skylights unless there is no other alternative, as while they are a great source of natural light, they also provide a portal for rapid heat gain and loss at the wrong times. For homeowners that specifically want skylights, we use the double glazed opening type to minimise the heat loss and gain.


All Capital home extensions are supplied with double glazed windows. Double glazed and well-sealed windows and doors have only recently started to become the choice of homeowners and builders, in Melbourne, largely due to the introduction of 6-star energy ratings in 2011. If a home does not have double glazing it can still perform close to or better than a double glazed home. Curtains and awnings will also greatly improve the performance of double-glazed units. 

Our Credentials

Building an extension or renovating is one of the biggest purchases in our lifetime. Therefore, it is essential that before going ahead with a project you can trust the building company that you choose.

Capital Building has an impressive list of credentials which means that should you choose it, you will be using a trusted, experienced, honest and safe building operator.

Registered Building Practitioner

Peter Harnischmacher and Travis Vinton, are ‘Registered Building Practitioners’ with the Victorian Building Authority.

Master Builder

Travis is currently a Master Builder member of  Master Builders Australia.

Green Living Master Builder

Capital Building is registered as a Green Living Master Builder Master Builders Association.

Victoria Building Authority

You can check Capital Building’s registration credentials by contacting the Victorian Building Authority. (Tip: search for ‘harnischmacher’ or 'vinton' under the Practitioner Name field)

Public Liability Insurance

Capital Building has Public Liability Insurance up to $5 million. For information about Public Liability Insurance see: Public Liability Insurance

Contract Works Insurance

Capital Building has Contract Works Insurance. For information about Contract Works Insurance see: CoverForce

Heating and cooling solutions

Did you know that heating and cooling can make up to half of your electricity bill? So, it is a vital area to focus on and Capital Building employs a range of strategies to reduce your heating and cooling expenses.

Blinds and shutters are a stylish way to avoid heat gain, and loss as up to 30 per cent of your heating and cooling can escape through your windows. Shading over your windows will also protect them from direct sun in the summer months that can rapidly heat your home. Capital also use double glazing on new works in tandem with blinds and other window coverings, usually selected and supplied by the owner.

There are several smart innovations that we can include, from old-school methods like reversible ceiling fans to automation like mechanical ventilation systems, including self-closing ducts and heat recovery systems.

Renewable energy generating electricity

Solar panels and Energy efficient lighting are the best way to reduce electricity expenses. With government rebates and cheaper systems, the payback for solar installations is now around 2 years.

Solar panels can also help reduce heat build up of the roof as they also provide shade.

Hot water, heating and cooking

It is vital to use all electric appliances to take full advantage of your solar system investment.

Electric ovens and hot plates. Reverse cycle air conditioning and heat pump hot water systems. Whilst some of these may cost a little more, after government rebates, they are better value than gas or conventional electric element type, in the long run.

Efficient lighting is also essential, and low watt LED options hare provided on all builds.

Recycling of building materials

Any building materials that can be recycled will be recycled. For example, for brick houses, try to recycle existing roof tiles, clay bricks and large timber beams. At the same time, Capital Building generally recommends recycled bricks and roof tiles to best match the existing materials. Most building waste is also recycled.

Water efficiency

Capital Building will also install rainwater tanks to supply toilets, laundry and garden water. Filters and mains re-direction pumps can be useful/cost-effective alternative in areas with no stormwater. Other solutions also available depending on individual circumstances.

Solar panels

Solar power has become increasingly good value for money, particularly for larger consumers of electricity such as businesses and large families. It has also curbed power companies ability to increase their prices too much. Every time they do they make solar more accessible. Solar panels have the added benefit of shading the roof.

Sustainable materials

Capital Buildings design process always considers and prefers:

  • Use locally produced materials as much as possible.
  • Use materials that require less energy to produce.
  • Use sustainable materials, i.e., plantation timber versus rainforest timbers.
  • Use thermally efficient materials.
  • Capitals project waste is recycled, and only about 30 per cent goes into landfill.

Contact our team to get started on your energy-efficient housing design

If saving on bills through sustainable house design and living in a wonderfully comfortable dwelling is something you want to be a part of, call our team at Capital Building. We are committed to providing Melbourne property owners with an outstanding level of service and communication.

We will be happy to book you in for a free consultation or assist with your enquiries. So give us a call on (03) 9857 9200 or send us a message from our contact page, and we will get back to you ASAP.

Our Reviews

suzanne L. ★★★★★ Our project with Capital Building was a demolition of the rear of the house, for a new two-story extension, followed by a reconfiguration and renovation of the existing part of the house. This project lasted almost 12 months and transformed our small and outdated house into a modern, spacious, and well-functioning home.Dean was our building designer, who played a pivotal role in the early stage. Although we had a rough idea of what we wanted to do in the beginning, Dean helped us to test our ideas to the practicality and guided us to alternatives that would work better and more economical to achieve. I see his advice extremely valuable because of not only his knowledge and expertise, but also his easy access to his building team for technical opinions.Dealing with Pierce was smooth and easy. He took care of the contract, responded to all our queries clearly and promptly, and made amendments to our satisfaction before contract signing.Next up is the building process. We were glad that we did not experience anything like a quiet and empty building site. We always had trades working consistently. The build quality was satisfactory. Even though I didn’t have a lot experience in building as this was my first major project, I did find their choice of building materials and selection of trades were in good quality.Travis was the director of the company but amazingly he was all over the details. We had many unexpected challenges throughout the build, however, he showed us a lot of passion and his can-do attitude was the most impressive. He made it happen to build a S-shaped handrail for our staircase while the stair company did not even want to touch it. He was a very good communicator and a great listener. I appreciated that he always put himself in our shoes in solving problems. Tom was our site supervisor. He too was a good communicator to keep us informed about the progress, to share his knowledge and to hear our concerns. Overall, I found Travis and Tom were very professional, responsive, and easy to talk to.There are a few other people I would like to mention: Carole, who helped selecting colours and bathrooms. We were so happy with the beautiful results; Tiffanie, who was over almost everything else on managing meetings, documentations, liaising with the team for any inquiries, and following up anything outstanding; and individual trades, from carpenters and tilers to plumbers and cleaners, who showed their care and respect.Conclusion: Capital Building is a mature and professional team that has great skills and customer services. I feel the people there being honest and considerate. I would highly recommend them and would certainly consider them again in the future.Response from the ownerHi Suzanne, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a nice and detailed review. You were a pleasure to work with and we really hope you are enjoying your new space. All the best, CBC Team. michael B. ★★★★★ I recently had capital building do a second story extension , I had no idea what i was getting myself into, my first point of contact was with Pierce, he assured me not worry the whole process was a breeze with Tom,Laura and Tiffany.and Travis and the crew Dylan,Jarrod and the rest of the boys did an exceptional job, it was all done and completed way ahead of schulude.The professionalism and workmanship was above and beyond ! I highly recommend Capital building,Response from the ownerThank you so much for your kind words, Michael. You were an absolute pleasure to work with and we are so happy you enjoyed your experience with us. We wish you all the very best and hope you enjoy your new space.Thanks again, CBC Team Madhu R ★★★★★ We engaged Capital building contractors after going through an arduous taks of wishlist/quote/review with ~20 extension specialists across Melbourne.From the get go, Ali,Travis and team were professionals in listening to our needs and wants, driving it against the stringent budget we had and designing the best extension space we could have asked for.Our approval process took about 12 months and the team kept us in loop throughout and helped update whatever changes wer asked for in quicker time.The build was a breeze!!! Kyle and the guys stood up an entire second floor in no time and helped us add ~60 sqm space in 4.5 months ( Christmas shutdown included).It's been 6 months since we have had our newly extended space and we cannot thank Ali,Travis,Kyle,Pierce and Tiff ( a very special shout-out for those regular updates and all changes incorporated without a fault) enough !!More space ✅Quality ✅Budget ✅Ease of engagement ✅Work ethics including all the sub contractors who came to site and worked through ✅ ✅Equity on property ✅Response from the ownerThank you so much Maddy. You were both such a pleasure to work with, we are so happy you enjoyed your experience with us and are loving the final result.All the best, CBC Team js_loader

Energy-efficient designs and builders focus on creating homes that minimise energy consumption and maximise efficiency and sustainability. They incorporate various design elements, technologies, and construction practices to reduce energy usage and environmental impact.

Energy-efficient homes offer several benefits, including reduced energy bills, improved indoor comfort, enhanced air quality, decreased reliance on fossil fuels, lower carbon footprint, and long-term cost saving potential.

Yes, energy-efficient designs and builders can significantly reduce utility bills by maximising energy efficiency and minimising energy waste. Efficient insulation, energy-saving appliances, renewable energy systems, and smart energy management technologies all contribute to lower energy consumption.

Yes, energy-efficient builders can assist with retrofitting existing homes to improve energy efficiency. They can conduct energy audits, identify areas for improvement, and implement retrofit measures to enhance insulation, upgrade systems, and optimise energy usage.

Some aspects of energy-efficient design may be eligible for government incentives or rebates, for example solar panels, batteries and electric heat pump hot water systems. These incentives aim to promote sustainable construction and energy conservation. It’s advisable to check with local authorities or energy efficiency programs for specific eligibility criteria.

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