Home Owners Warranty Insurance Builder

Registered Builder Melbourne.

He/She must qualify to be registered with the Building Practitioners Board, a division of the Victorian Building Authority.

Only such registered and eligible Builders can provide ‘Home Owners Warranty Insurance’ for jobs over 16K.

Only registered builders can apply for building permits (with the exception of owner-builders, see the article on owner-builders).

Domestic building works over $5,000.00 and/or structural works must be completed by a registered builder and must have a permit.

Builders are not tradesmen.  Builders are managers.  Builders manage all the trades, various professionals, consultants and any authorities involved with completing a building project.

The builder is the head contractor who is ultimately responsible for all aspects involved in the construction.  The builder is contracted by the homeowner (property owner) to complete the contracted works.

A genuine builder will never complain about his trades or blame them for their performance.   He has selected them and he is responsible for their work.

It takes quality builders many years to bring together a competent team of trades.
A genuine builder will do everything to keep his client /employer informed and happy.

Capital Building are genuine and registered builders.