Need a Pool House Builder in Melbourne?

The piece de resistance in a new design project is to match the style of your home with a pool house, adding that final touch with either a pool or spa. This is a great way for the continuation of the house to flow into a dwelling that can be used for cocktails, in-law accommodation or simply a home office.

Nothing says style, luxury and sophistication better than the addition of a pool house to your home. Imagine welcoming your guests into the back garden, where they are greeted with the sight of your luxurious little escape home.

This can make a stunning setting for a garden party or soiree, where you invite all your friends and family around for special occasions. They’ll be talking about it for months – and what’s more, it will greatly add to the asking price of your property when the time comes to move on and sell.

What to consider when building your new swimming pool house

These days, it’s anything goes and there are no limits as far as design and building materials are concerned – however, it might be hard to know where to start. That’s where we come in – Capital Building Contractors can help to design and construct your new little paradise.

It’s important to note that depending on the local building authorities (local council/ Department of Planning etc) and their building codes, you might be restricted by various factors. We’ll take care of it all, but here are a few key things to consider:

Design: It’s important to consider the style you’re looking for, and think about how this will enhance the overall look of your home. How will the structure complement the existing landscape? How will this influence your lifestyle? Are you looking to frame a particular view? What are some of the height restrictions you need to consider?

Location: Where would you like to build the dwelling on your property? Are you planning to have it close to the house or further away in the garden? Is your backyard on an incline or slant? How close will the structure be to the bathing area itself? You’ll also need to consider how close the structure will be to the surrounding fences, etc.

Weather elements: In which direction does the sun rise? Is there any nearby shade, and will leaves get into the spa? Are there any undercover areas in case it starts to rain?

Ventilation: Will the dwelling be enclosed or an open shelter? Will you have windows or open spaces to allow a breeze to come through? How humid will the dwelling get in summer? (This will influence the kind of materials you use or furniture and flooring, as you’ll want to avoid growth of mildew).

Fencing requirements: In addition to the proximity of the fences, you’ll need to install fencing as a safety barrier. Do you have small children about? These fences must be secure and meet all the relevant safety regulations.

Storage space: Will you have somewhere to store towels, floaties and sports equipment? Some shelving and cupboards can go a long way to enhancing the functionality of the space. Will you allow enough space to have a banana lounge to relax on?

Of course, our specialist team is also on hand to advise you and lend our expertise. There’s no job too big or small for our construction consultants and design team. We’ll work with you every step of the way to come with a design you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Examples of Australia’s top pool house designs

Here is our most recent Pool House Project in Alphington, just 7kms from Melbourne, Victoria. Enhancing a recently renovated Californian bungalow, including re-levelling and laying of floors, realignment of the rear bi-fold doors, paving and semi-detached dwelling with associated pergolas, fencing, screens and blinds.

The pool house has a large living area and bathroom with north-facing doors onto the pool and yard. It can also be used as a granny-flat. It’s a fabulous entertainment area for parties and large groups.

There are some great designs out there that you can use as inspiration, such as Pinterest, Decoist, and Houzz. Just imagine how beautiful these will look at your own property and how it will enhance the features of your home.

Discuss your dream with us today

At Capital Building Contractors, we are the experts when it comes to all the latest in home extension ideas and designs. We will complete the look and lifestyle you are striving for. If you’re looking for a premium Bayside builder, get in touch and call us now to discuss all of your renovation requirements.

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