How to build an upper extension on your house in Melbourne

An excellent example of the standard of finishes achieved to transform this previously ageing 1930s single-story war service home in Camberwell, Melbourne. Capital Building clients Mr. and Mrs. S had a clear idea of their perfect extension and renovation.

After speaking with a number of builders about their various options they settled on Capital Building Contractors to help them design and build their dream home extension and renovation.

It didn’t take us long to realise our collaboration would produce a very special extension and renovation; indeed, a transformation!

After meeting with Capitals head designer, Dean Fillipin, the owners were happy to learn he could translate their vision into a real-world design and within their budget. Further consultations with Dean and some re-drafts incorporating the owners’ requirements and lifestyle needs, created a new home of generous proportions, flowing spaces and aesthetic symmetry.

A further and important part of the owner’s brief was to integrate the new works, unobtrusively but subtly, changing the style of the house to a modern take on the federation style.

The general scope of works was to add a second storey with 4 Bedrooms, a gallery and a bathroom. To move the basement stairs and remove ground floor walls to provide large dining, living areas merging onto a new, large alfresco balcony. Also, a new Kitchen with large separate pantry and a new ensuite were added, including replacement and alteration of all existing windows, flooring and ceilings. A redesign of the basement, waterproofing, drainage and a refurbished, new laundry, store and study.

Clearly, this was a complete makeover, with no surface left untouched, straightening of old floors, walls, cladding, ceilings, doors and finishes were all re-worked to achieve a new home finish. The result speaks for itself. This 80-year-old home is now ready to last another 80 years.

Capital Building Contractors specialises in the design and construction of house extensions and renovations. Our aim is to construct homes that provide clients with individual design flexibility to suit their specific budget, whilst using the existing structure to its greatest advantage.

Capital Building Contractors is a Master Builder, accredited ‘Green Living’ Builder and as such, aspires to maximise sustainable design elements and the best possible quality on every project it undertakes.

Give us a call on 03 9857 9200 for a free consultation and find out how you can transform your old house into a beautiful, new and functional home.

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