Charming Hampton Style New Home Builders Melbourne

Capital Building, as one of the city’s premier construction enterprises, offers a range of stunning build options for homeowners. One of these is our revered Hampton house design service.

Desired for its simplicity and relaxed colour palette, this style is sought-after the world over for its charm and beachy connotation. Typically found in coastal regions, these cladding builds are chic and highly achievable, for the Australian homeowner.

They typically incorporate a classic, stylish timber trims and detail. They are often, double storey design with gables and various, durable weatherboard and shingle details, naturally individualised to a clients requirements. This style is gaining popularity with owners looking to bring a bit of costal style to their own home.

Life’s a Beach with Hampton Style House Plans

If you have always dreamed about living the beachside lifestyle, now’s your chance.

Capitals skilled designers can provide you with your take on Hamptons or any other period or contemporary design for that matter.

A more recent trend, Hamptons Style has made a stunning comeback. Its a revival of classic charm and light filled comfort. Our happy clients attest to the style and comfort Hamptons creates, and we are constantly receiving feedback regarding the healthy atmosphere and low running costs attributed to their new build.

Furthermore, we take away the stress for you, Capital detail everything so you can feel relaxed and at ease with both the design and construction process. We understand that this process is one of the more important periods of your life, and we want to ensure your build is in safe hands.

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