10 Ultimate Reasons Why People Build an Extension

Why People Build a House Extension

House Extension Builders Melbourne, we have identified the 10 ultimate reasons why people opt to build a house extension on their existing home rather than build a new home or up sticks and move house.

1.Open up space for leisure and recreation

This is less a practical need and more of a desire to improve the quality of life in your home. Maybe you are ready to build that pool room (for all those trophies and gifts), add an art or music studio, increase your kitchen space to become that gastronomic whizz, or a build a library to help you become the next literary bard. Building an extension is a really popular way to increase leisure and recreation activity in your home.

2.You love the area too much

It may be that beautiful park, a thriving shopping strip, friends nearby or the practicality of being near your kids’ school. Whatever the reason people become attached to the area they live in and choose to extend or renovate their home so they can stay where their heart is.

3.You Really like your home

Your home might have sentimental value or it might just be that you absolutely love your house but just need that bit more from it. Extending is a great way to improve your current home whilst keeping its character.

4.Current home is impractical

You might have been cramped up in that little kitchen and avoided hosting dinner parties or you may have been using the dining room table as a study and office. Adding an extra room or two can transform your life and make your home far more practical for your needs.

5.Kids were once little toddlers

…but they are now teenagers and room is at a premium. Extending your home gives you and your growing kids more personal space and ultimately more harmony in those hormonal years.

6.Need to replace a current extension

You have an old extension that was put up cheaply 20 years ago. Not only is it falling to bits, but it looks like it has just been tacked on as an afterthought. A replacement extension will allow you to build something of quality and by using appropriate materials will make it blend into your current home so it looks like your home and not an extension.

7.As an investment

A well-planned extension nearly always adds value to your home. It’s good to check out house prices in your local area to gauge the effect of value on adding an extension. Be careful not to overdevelop if your motive is investment.

8.Cheaper than buying a new home

As builders charge by the square metre you can determine how big and therefore how much you want to pay for an extension. Building an extension to your home is invariably the cheaper option over buying a new one.

9.Less hassle

In many cases building an extension can coexist with you still living in your home meaning there are no hassles in having to move or put furniture in to storage. Another major hassle that can be avoided is being part of a queue, where you are waiting for other people to sell or buy a property before you can sell or buy yours.

10.No stamp duty, agents sees and advertising costs

When you add up stamp duty, agents fees and advertising costs when selling and buying a new home it can be anywhere in excess of $50,000. These fees are avoided when you build an extension on your current home and in your average case they are equivalent to 20-30% of the cost of building an extension.

Why would you build an extension? If you have any ideas share them with us in the comments section.

For anybody that is wanting to take that first step in building their dream home you can check out our 5 part practical guide to ‘Building an Extension – Where Do I Start’ which eases you through the process.

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