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Master Builders Association Melbourne

Capital Building Contractors are proud to be a long-standing member of the Master Builders Association (MBA) of Victoria.Master Builders Association Melbourne

Being a part of the Association means that we adhere to ongoing best practices, learning and experience.

As a result, we continue to be industry leaders on second-storey extensions, home renovations and various building projects in Melbourne.

You may have noticed a slight logo change by the MBA in a progressive move to convey a more contemporary look and feel of the national logo.  This will serve to enhance the brand, whilst paying homage to an incredible 140-year heritage!

The Master Builders Association of Victoria has a proud commitment to serving members like Capital Building Contractors Melbourne.  We are kept abreast of news and information in the building industry, new products, methodology, simulation training, legal & IR advice, online contracts, OHS audits, events, seminars and a new website which will be rolled out in early 2018.

The national recognition that comes with a unified Master Builder logo strengthens the brand and the viability of our Master Builders membership.

The Master Builders Victoria Foundation

As one of Australia’s oldest industry associations, The Master Builders Victoria was founded to stand up for the rights of builders, the first MBA was established in Sydney in 1873 and quickly grew with Master Builders Associations being established in Newcastle (1874), Victoria (1875), Queensland (1882) and South Australia (1884).

The Master Builders Association Federation

Even before Australia became a nation with the Federation of the states, these four Associations met to establish Master Builders Australia as the national voice of their members and the building and construction industry.

The Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, Western Australia and Northern Territory subsequently joined under this umbrella.

Capital building are proud to be master builders and members of this great association.
Master builders lobby local, state and federal governments in all things building and how these affect their membership and Victorians in general.

Master builders continue to be instrumental in assisting government and building regulators implement nationwide, up to date and consistent building regulations.