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By stating the obvious, doors serve many purposes. They are security from outsiders, they keep in the warmth in winter time, and the cool air in the summertime, they can hide the mess or they can open to create a much larger room.

But what happens if you don’t have the room for a traditional hinged door?

Luckily the world is your oyster, there is a range of “room dividers” that you can select to fit your home perfectly.

We’ll talk about Front Door Solutions and External Door Solutions in a later article, as that is a whole section in its own right.

Internal Doors

When selecting your internal doors, you must think about the usability of the space. 

  • Hinged Doors:  Should the door swing to the right or the left, open in or out,
  • Door Material:  do you need the door to be solid or should it let light in through a semi-opaque material.
  • Noise Insulation:  Do you need to consider acoustics depending on the location in the house?
  • Sliding Doors:  Is there space in the wall cavity for you doors to slide?
  • Double Doors:  When door-swing space is a premium, or the doorway is very wide, double doors can be an effective solution.  They can also frame a room beautifully.
  • Bi-fold Doors:  An efficient way disguise areas, such as internal laundries for example. 
  • French Doors:  Ideal for open plan living, expanding one room into the next.
  • Stacking Doors:  Great for big areas, or zone living.  Maximising open plan styling.

At Capital Building Contractors, we have incorporated all styles of internal doors, custom under stairwell and attic doors, and trap doors to incorporate underground or roof cavities.  

We will work with you to maximise available space and match your lifestyle with functional solutions to create a well-planned and much loved new family home.

Please call the team at Capital Building today.