Types of permits:

  1. Planning Permit.  And     2.   Building Permit

Thinking of extending, renovating or building a new home? Not sure you need a permit?

Most councils now have their Planning Schemes posted on line.

Unfortunately, if you are not used to interpreting such documentation it can be easier to talk to a builder / designer like Capital Building; to get an idea of what to look for and where to ask.

Most councils won’t, for example, require a planning permit for a single dwelling on a standard size block or as of right situation.

Examples requiring Planning Permits.

  • A subdivision of a parcel of land, for units, requires a planning.
  • Blocks smaller than a council’s minimum size land parcel (ie 500m2) may also trigger planning approval. Different councils will have differing smallest lot sizes.
  • A heritage or other Overlay would also require planning approval.

Contacting a council planner, if you can get through to one, can be instructive but remember until you make an application the advice you receive is not necessarily all encompassing.

Planners are typically very busy, overworked and under paid. A quick conversation won’t be detailed enough to hold them to an opinion.

Therefore dealing with a Design Builder like Capital makes the process a lot easier. At Capital we understand that knowing the rules before starting the design is critical to a successful end result.

Council regulations, Building Codes and Authority requirements all need to be taken into account during the initial design process.

Also if you are not already designing to your budget at this stage, your budget will blow out big time or your dream will remain just that.

Once you have a planning permit you will then still require a Building Permit.

Building permits are required for all New Homes.

Building permits are required for Extensions and Renovation’s where any structural work is to be carried out. 

Examples of structural work:

  • Removing walls, making new openings, constructing extensions, decks, pergolas and etc.

Only a registered builder is able to complete a permit and must supply home owners warranty on any works over $ 16,000.00.

At Capital Building we recommend the builder should apply for and complete the building permit.
Home owners who attempt to complete their own plans and permit applications usually struggle with the complexity. Unfortunately, they don’t realise the pitfalls. There is a large amount of documentation required to complete a permit.

An experienced builder knows the best ways to go about obtaining permit information and in a timely and cost-effective manner. Do it yourself plans and permits almost inevitably end up costing more angst, time and money.
For the sake of maybe saving a few thousand dollars, leave it to the professionals who can save you that much just by doing it well.

If you want your next building project to run seamlessly and on budget call us at Capital Building on 9857 9200 and get started on your journey to a New Home or Renovation.