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Company history

Our History

In the mid-80s Peter Harnischmacher started, through contracting and with his own business, working on commercial and industrial building projects which included high-rise development in the city of Melbourne. Outside of the city Peter worked on some real high profile building projects for illustrious companies such as The Commonwealth Aircraft Factory, both Bonlac and Murray Goulbourn Dairies, Nippon Denso, Air International, Ford and General Motors.

In 1991 Peter became a Registered Building practitioner and moved to an area that he really loved; unit developments, steel framing and, his real passion, home extensions, renovations and building uniquely designed new homes.

In 2004, Peter started Capital Building with a very clear vision:

“A building must have excellent and thoughtful design in order for it to have great presence and a real purpose”.

Peter, with his 30 years of experience, has taken this vision and built a team of like-minded designers and builders. Their mantra is to work really hard with flair and passion to design and build extensions and renovations that enhances a client’s experiences of their home, both visually and practically.