Four Stunning Interior Design Tips for any Home

There’s no denying that a well-designed home can do wonders for our mood. We love the feeling of coming home at the end of the day to have a glass of wine or relax in our favourite room. And with all of us spending a little bit more time at home lately, it’s more important than ever to make sure that we love the spaces we live in. If you’ve been thinking about how to take your interior design to the next level we’re here to tell you how you can create a simple yet stunning vibe for your home no matter the size.

Use rugs to balance the room

We love incorporating a good rug into our homes – especially when it’s done well!

Rugs can be used to balance the room that you’re working in. If you have a neutral area that needs a bit more colour then a statement rug or different textures will draw the eye of your next guest. Whereas if you’re already working in a vibrant space a neutral rug should be used for a more subtle touch.

Pro tip: if your rug isn’t big enough to span a full room then work with your existing furniture to create the right setup. Place the edges of the rug under the edges of large furniture pieces like your bed or sofa to create the illusion that your feature is bigger than it actually is.

Add plants for a touch of nature

We are firm believers that a hint of nature can give any indoor space a more lively and homely feel. Natural greenery matches any colour palette and can create different textures, shapes and inspiration. Some species can also add practicality as natural humidifiers or bring a bit of garden life to apartment living.

Go to town with art

We love the way art can bring personality to your home while also showing off your creativity. Confined spaces will love vibrant pillows and small portraits while larger homes can express themselves with chunky paintings or even sculptures.

Whether you’re choosing a pre-produced piece, having something custom-made, or trawling your local antique store, keep your artistic flair as close to your own personal tastes as possible. Art is about what you (and your family) love. No one wants to be living in a home they don’t enjoy!

Create atmosphere with lighting

Good lighting can make or break a mood so it’s important to look at how you can add warmth or atmosphere to your home. Lamps, pendants, chandeliers and more can all be used to add or remove lighting for the right tone. We love yellow toned lights to establish a warmer area while adjustable features can create mood lighting for different occasions.

Now that you’ve shone the right light on your design handiwork, it’s time to grab a glass of wine, curl up on the coach and enjoy your newly styled home!

These are just some of our favourite interior design tips. Tell us what other home design features you love below!

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