Designing a Home That Matches Your Lifestyle

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place where you can finally relax and unwind after a long day, entertain close friends and family, and have the freedom to just be yourself. To achieve this, you need to develop and design a house that easily reflects and accommodates the unique lifestyle of you and your family.

To help, Capital Building has put together some points of consideration for lifestyle designer homes.

Growing Families

It can be incredibly exciting to plan all the various external and interior design elements to be included in your home. Before you get down to all the intricate details, it is first important to cover the practicalities – namely, creating a layout to accommodate the size of your existing or growing family.

If you have little children staying with you, or care for elderly family members, you need to include an interior design for their special requirements. This extends to everything from enough bedrooms, stairs and bathrooms, right down to furniture without sharp edges, the placement of electrical sockets, or supportive features like railing and non-skid flooring.

Space for Pets

With all the focus on young children and older generations, don’t forget to spare a thought for your pets! This doesn’t need to dominate your home designs, but given they are such a large influence on your lifestyle, you should think about whether they have enough garden space to run riot and enjoy themselves. You can also consider elements like doggy doors for quick entry and exit, as well as dedicated sections with a room or rooms for their miscellaneous pieces, such as beds, scratching poles, litter boxes and more.

Ensure Multifunctionality

Routines and schedules rarely go as smoothly as intended. As such, be sure to accommodate each member of your family to live the lifestyle they choose to the fullest. This means centring a cosy living area to bring people together, but also practical areas that ensure different activities can be performed without hindrances, such as kitchens combined with dining rooms, play spaces between the children’s bedrooms, and even enough space for a walk-in wardrobe!

Modern, Traditional, Eclectic – What Style Best Represents Your Lifestyle?

There is a range of architectural styles and interior designs to choose from when developing a new home. Do you prefer more of a modern or contemporary approach? Perhaps an eclectic arrangement that brings a mass of individualised items together to form their own cohesion?

Perhaps you have no idea at all?

Any designer will tell you that the inclusions you put into your home will impact your wider lifestyle. As such, it is important when looking to be your own designer that you include items and features reflecting the lifestyle you want. Take the time to really flesh out what you love by researching other properties, assessing what they do well, and introducing what you can into your own designs.

Décor to Match Your Hobbies & Interests

Stop to consider how you and your family will be spending time throughout the house.

Do you have a passion for music?

What about High-end art?


Entertaining guests?

From simply hanging guitars on the wall to investing in striking artworks to building expansive bookcases or an outdoor area perfect for intimate gatherings with friends and extended family, when factoring in your lifestyle for designer homes, be sure to include décor aligning with your greater hobbies and interest. You’re the designer of this build, so embrace the personal touches that make it your home.

Preferred Colour Schemes

Again, ask any designer of homes worth their salt and they will explain the colours you choose will greatly impact your mood. It goes beyond a personal preference – certain shades and hues are proven to evoke different emotions. For example, vibrant reds and yellows can make you feel alive, but quickly prove overwhelming if used too much. Deeper blues and greens, on the other hand, can provide the gentle soothing you may need after a long day at work.

Work with a Professional Home Designer to Achieve a Space for Your Lifestyle Now

If you would like to work with a professional home designer in Melbourne to create plans that comprehensively reflect your lifestyle.

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