Melbourne Bayside Builder The Shack 2

Melbourne Bayside Builder – Progress on the Beach Shack – 2nd Installment

Melbourne Bayside Builder – Since we last posted The Beach Shack we have completed the main building works and the owners have moved in.

Completed you say?

Well, Capital Buildings part of the works is complete.

The owners still have to complete the exterior painting, finish moving in and decorating and of course the landscaping.  So the really nice photos won’t be available until these items are finished.

The owners’ first reaction was how well the house holds its temperature.

“Such a joy to live in a comfortable, energy efficient home”

Only since winter set in recently have they started turning on the heater (Daikin reverse cycle inverter) in the evening for about ½ hour to 1 hour.  Meanwhile, the Heat Recovery Ventilation system (HRV) keeps the fresh air coming in and distributing it as warm air through its heat exchanger, enabling all doors and windows to remain shut without any condensation problems.

On sunny afternoons the sun warms up the windows and floors creating a warm house when things cool down in the evenings. This is due to the north facing glass doors of the living areas.  The double bonus being it lets in all the daylight, negating the need for lighting, most of the time.  This is not the case in summer due to the different angle of the sun and a set of awnings yet to be installed.


The hot water unit, like the HRV unit, is made by Stiebel Eltron.  It never runs out of water, even with 2 showers going simultaneously, and uses very little electricity.

With 5 kW solar panels the whole house runs on electricity and power bills in winter are about $70.00 per month before feed-in tariffs.  Considering the supply charge is $ 33.00 that’s not a lot of power.  Once a reasonably priced battery becomes available the operating cost would come down even lower.

The owners also love their new open plan Kitchen, Dining and lounge area. More of that next post