finding a reputable builder in melbourne

Finding a reputable builder in Melbourne

Thinking of extending and renovating your home? It is important you find a reputable builder.

Don’t trust just anyone with one of your biggest investments.

How do you know you are getting the right advice from the right practitioner?

Talk to a registered builder who designs and constructs.

The secret to a good value extension is how well it is designed.

Architects and Drafting companies often draw plans without establishing a clients’ budget or providing accurate summaries of the costs involved. This more often than not leads to price shock once the prices come back from the tendering Builders and money has been wasted on designs that will never be built.

All owners have a budget even though they often may not wish reveal it.

Don’t be coy about your budget. A good design–builder can give you a cost estimate from a simple shopping list of your ideas before any plans are drawn.

For example: if you want a typical two bedroom (upper) extension with bathroom and small gallery this might cost you  around $120 K + GST.

If your budget is $50K you know this type of extension is not for you and it hasn’t cost you anything but a telephone call to find out.

If your budget is $150 K you can be comfortable with the thought that this particular builder can come up with a design, within your budget and you will still have some money left for things like painting, floor coverings, air-con. etc.

Most importantly you need to run the same concept past at least two other builders to see how their offers compare. Do this homework and you will be more comfortable with what you’re being told.

Engage the builder you feel most comfortable with and make sure they are able to draw you a sketch with indicative costings. What’s next?

Make sure

  • They are Registered Building Practitioners (Check with Building Control Commission.)
  • They provide Home Owners Warranty. (BCC registration.)
  • Their Public Liability and Contract Works insurances are current
  • They are Master Builders or
  • They are members of the Housing Industry Association
  • They provide safe working conditions for their employees
  • They keep their sites tidy & EPA compliant.
  • They are a Green Living Master Builder.  Do they care about the environment, energy efficient design and building techniques, do they recycle their waste and high energy input building materials.
  • They specialise in domestic extensions, renovations and new homes.
  • They have been involved in the industry for more than just a couple of years.
  • They communicate clearly and provide attentive service.
  • They have references and can show examples of their work
  • They provide detailed fixed price quotations and plans
  • They explain all exclusions

If you wish to ensure you are dealing with a reputable builder and you want to compare builders prices make sure (like Capital Building) they have the right credentials