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Once upon a time, our laundries were spacious and hugely functional. But these days, they’re dwindling in size, getting smaller and smaller as house designs shift. If you live in a small city apartment or don’t have space for a separate laundry area, these clever design tricks will help you get the most out of every square inch.

Our favourite easy laundry storage cupboard/room ideas

Invest in a washing machine strategically

Get the most out of your appliance by investing in an energy-efficient model that uses less water than others. The Energy Star Rating label indicates that it has been tested for its efficiency and meets strict standards set by the government. These machines use about half as much electricity and water as conventional top-loaders while producing more effective cleaning results. They also spin dry clothing better, so they don’t need to hang around waiting for the next cycle.

Meanwhile, if you have a large family or can easily air-dry your laundry, it may be better to use a retractable clothesline instead of installing a standalone dryer.

Finally, if you have an extra room or garage that can be used as storage, consider installing a clothesline with a drying rack on it. This will allow you to hang wet items out to air dry while they are still warm from being washed.

As a rule always avoid drying close indoors and in front of heaters. This is not only a potential fire hazard but also causes condensation and unhealthy and unsightly mould spores to form.

Install a pull-down drying rack

While there are several drying racks to choose from on the market these days – including some that hang from the ceiling – we love the ease of one that simply pulls down. If you hand wash many of your clothes or have delicate items that you don’t put in the dryer, these are a must-have essential in your home.

Use laundry hooks

Install wall hooks to provide more space for clothes – whether before or after a load. This is particularly useful for garments that need to be hung up in the process. While you can use hangers for this as well, using hooks means you take up even less room – it’s all about that extra inch.

Add a shelf above your washing machine

Saving space and keeping yourself organised simultaneously can be difficult when you have a whole house. An easy way to tackle these issues is to install a wall-to-wall shelf over your washing machine.

If you don’t have much space in your laundry room, you can use the space on the back of your door to stow away towels by installing another shelf or just a hook.

Pro-tip for this: Pop a bowl on the shelf for any loose change you find during your laundry adventures.

Declutter clothes

The easiest way to create bench space when you need more storage space in your small laundry is by folding your clothes – whether clean or dirty. Your pile of clean clothes from the dryer should be folded in half, and the pile of laundry you are currently working on should be piled on top of it.

If you don’t have a place to fold your clothes, make sure you are only putting clean clothes away. That way you will make more room on your bench for dirty clothes.

No room to sort those clean clothes?

Use your bed as an area to fold away your clean loads so that they don’t pile up in your already tight-on-space laundry. You can even go one step further and use spare drawers around your home (like in your bed frames or cupboards) to divide clean clothes from dirty.

Make use of corner shelving

To make the most of your space, you can hang shelves in the corners of your laundry walls. The advantage to this option is that they are out of the way, and you don’t need any floor space. You can find these types of shelves at your nearest hardware store or include them as part of your next professional bathroom renovation project with our builders.

Install a hidden ironing board

Creating a hidden ironing board in a cabinet is an economical way to free up space in your home while subtly putting it away. Free up floor space by retracting it when not in use – it’s that easy.
Alternatively, use the space under your stairs (if you have one) to stow away your traditional ironing board.

Wooden crates are magical

Plastic and wooden crates can make great wall-mounted pigeon holes for this area of your home. You’ll be able to save some space in your small laundry room while avoiding the time and expense of buying new shelving or furniture to do so. You can also find them at your local hardware store or craft shop.

Once you have the right-sized crates, just mount them on your wall like oversized picture frames. That’s all it takes. Stash away your essentials – like detergent, powders or lint removes – and you’re good to go.

Summing it all up

These convenient but straightforward small laundry room organisation ideas will transform your most useful space into one that’s streamlined, accessible and full of space. Whether you have a tiny spot to work with or just looking to turn your existing one into something more functional, these tips are easy enough to make magic happen in any kind of layout.

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