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Commercial Renovations Melbourne

Recently Capital Builders had the opportunity to complete a number of small commercial renovations, additions and alterations.

We have enjoyed completing these works and overcoming the many special challenges, mostly regulatory, they presented.

If you have a small commercial property and want to add value, talk to the team at Capital building. We draw on clever design solutions to make the most of small spaces and limited budgets. Extending your commercial premises can double the value of your lettable area, usually at a very affordable price.

  • A 2 story addition to a commercial premises in Preston.
  • A second Story addition and renovation in Reservoir
  • A ground floor with basement extension in North Balwyn
  • The Napier Hotel in Fitzroy
  • A Kitchen extension and complete renovation at the Napier Hotel in Fitzroy
The Napier Hotel is a very successful Pub rating 92% on Urban Spoon for reasonably priced, quality cuisine. If you have ever eaten there you would no doubt agree. Not only is the food excellent and affordable, so are the beers, wine and drinks and there is a great selection.  The other thing about the Napier is that it’s the old Fitzroy Footy Club Pub, oozing with old-fashioned Aussie character and objects of interest. In short, it entertains and stimulates all the senses. To round the whole thing off, the staff are friendly and efficient.
A victim of their own success, the Napier kitchen was bursting at the seams trying to push out 160 odd meals a night with a cramped and outdated Kitchen. When owner Guy Lawson asked us to demolish and rebuild his Kitchen, we thought no worries. When Guy, however, explained to us it had to be done in 4 weeks we certainly were worried as we realised, even though we could take on such a challenge, there would be no room for error or scheduling mishaps; if we were to make this build successful and on time. Cut a long story short Capital completed the job on time. It was great that Guy had an extra week to renew the toilets and paint and plaster inside. The result is something we at Capital are as proud of as the owner. Come and see you won’t be disappointed.

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