home renovations

Personal goals, like renovating your home, should not only fulfill your needs but also express your identity. A lot of work, time, planning and money goes into renovating your home. So, it’s important to spend a bit of extra time to own it and to really make your own statement.

Your floor plan will mostly be a reflection of your needs. But your façade is the look and impression that visitors and passers by will notice; conservative or extravagant, modern or traditional, bold or subtle, environmental or industrial, colourful or monochrome, and anything else you can think of.

So, when you’re thinking about your home renovations, think about how you would like to project yourself into your designs, renovation or extension.

So, if you’re not already a designer or a builder, how do you do this?

Look around, do lots of research, and find a good designer or builder who will listen to your needs. It’s important to find someone who will not only listen to your spatial and practical needs, but your style needs as well.

The more homework you do, the more confident you will be in knowing and explaining what you want and like. Save photos of the home styles you enjoy and measure rooms to work out what sizes work for you.

Decide on a theme

A theme will keep your vision planted and on a coherent path to achieving a consistent look. Examples might be modernism, industrial chic, classic, Hamptons, beach shack, Californian bungalow, or any of the classical styles or elements from the themes already mentioned.

Scour the internet for home renovation examples for inspiration or use sites like Pinterest or Instagram to explore the vision that you want. Just make sure you also chat to your designer about your favourite features to make sure they fit into your budget.

Use colour to punctate your theme

A renovation is the perfect opportunity to mix up a colour palette for your home. Your colour choices should accentuate the first impression that visitors will have when stepping through the front door.

Whether you express yourself loudly, love nature, or aspire to create a minimal or calming space will greatly depend on how you choose your colour palette. The extrovert will want to stand out with bold pops of colour, whilst the conservative might choose neutral or natural schemes.

Think carefully about your colour personality and choosing the right colours for you. Become a ‘cool home look spotter’ and observe the colours and combinations that appeal to you. Come up with your own colours or even replicate other designs if you find colour combinations you really like.

External colours of tiles, windows, walls and doors all need to be considered to tie your theme together. You could opt for a matching look or separate colours that will complement one another depending on your theme. Look at colour wheels and understand the difference between cool and warm colours and how these will apply to the theme you have chosen.

Inspire your ideal lifestyle with a new kitchen

Whether you’re entertaining friends and family or cooking up a storm for yourself, your kitchen has to create a sense of practicality, personality and inspiration.

Look at how you use your kitchen to choose which design is going to best suit your lifestyle.
Are you going to be more inspired to eat healthy by having appliances on the bench ready-to-go? Or would you be more inspired by a clear benchtop as your gadgets hide away behind a convenient cabinet door?

Understand the Kitchen Triangle theory, the good aspects of your current kitchen, and where it could use some improvement. Again, think about the colours and textures of cupboards, benchtops, windows, splash-back tiles, appliances, sinks, taps, walls, and floors, and how they will come together to complement your theme.

Important tip: avoid island bench tops and elaborate pantries, unless you have plenty of space to spare

Create your own outdoor retreat

A good patio, alfresco or deck is a slice of Australia. A sacred place to read a book, enjoy a dinner under the stars, entertain family and friends, or just enjoy the ‘serenity’.

We all know it’s important to get outside as often as possible, so think about how you can create a space that has the right amount of outdoors for your tastes. Look for open views, shade in summer and protection in winter. Wicker chairs and lush greenery can help create an open feel in smaller spaces. And, don’t forget the barbie and the ceiling fans!

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