Capital Building Testimonial Review Builder Melbourne

Hi Peter,

I am taking this opportunity to express our satisfaction with work done at our property.

I would like especially emphasize Andrew’s work as a site manager.  Andrew is highly responsible, reasonable and well-organised person. We highly appreciate his work ethics and professional qualities.  Always being knowledgeable, approachable and responsive to our needs. He always tried his best to accommodate our wishes and needs.

As you aware, we decided to continue living in our house during the renovation process. Thanks to Andrew, who made this process as less “painful” as possible, being honest with us about challenges and always was ready to answer any questions and offer the solutions. With Andrew we always we always felt that we were taken care of.

Also, big thank you to Dean, who created an amazing project and went with us through the not easy process of Council approval. Dean is also being honest and realistic. Not to mention that he is a very talented designer 🙂

Additionally, we would like to mention an excellent work Jay and his team have done in our house. Jay has never compromised on quality, even if this required additional time and effort.

Office support Janine has provided was excellent, all calculations were precise and done in a timely manner. Thank you, Janine!

We are very thankful to all those people who assisted us in bringing our vision into life.

We would like to personally thank you, Peter, for your staff professionalism, patience and consideration.

Galina and Oleg