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Why Capital?

Extensions and Renovations from the Soul

What should you look for when choosing your building company? This is what all reputable builders should provide:
  • Solid experience in the building industry.
  • Efficient and sustainable design solutions.
  • Invitation to compare building companies.
  • A 3 month maintenance period after completion.
  • Work guaranteed under the Home Owners Warranty Scheme.
  • Fixed price contracts.
  • Industry standard and plain English contracts and specifications.
  • Guaranteed completion times.
Capital Building provides all these – but this list is not unique. It shouldn’t be a reason to use a building company – it should be expected of building companies. What is unique comes from the soul of the building company, and the soul of Capital Building knows the most important thing – your new extension or renovation must suit your needs and desires; because it’s your home; your place of rest, your place for excitement, a haven of safety, and of warmth (or cool on a hot Melbourne summer’s day).

Capital Building is a certified Master Builder.

Master Builders are the most qualified builders in the industry, designing and building homes to meet every individual taste and need. As a result, you will see that a Capital Building home extension or renovation will reflect your personality and embrace your lifestyle. From Caulfield to Chelsea, Capital has built over 200 unique extensions as a testament to this.

How does Capital Building manage projects?

Very successfully by being transparent and honest, and providing you with direct contact with Capital’s builders, designers and contractors throughout a project. And the icing on the cake? Every skilled person working on your building is dedicated to customer satisfaction. So go check out the competition and then come back to us when you are satisfied that Capital Building are the builders for your dream home.